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Bohemian Bulldogs

Upcoming Litter

Indigo Lilac City.jpg
Side Shot.jpg
Indigo EYES.jpg
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We are very excited to announce the upcoming litter between LILAC CITY BULLDOGS LUNA and BOHEMIAN BULLDOGS NORTH STAR! Luna is an exotic lilac and tan merle with ocean blue eyes. She is the sweetest girl at Lilac City Bulldog's house, always ready to cuddle and play with her brothers and sisters. She is a sweet, kind and gentle soul with a velvet soft luxury coat. This is her first litter and we are excited for something very special and are putting her against North Star who comes from the famous Yoda, Dr. Suess, XB and Hungarian Imported Bloodline. This just may be our best French Bulldog litter yet!



Show me the next puppy!

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