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Welcome to Bohemian Bulldogs, it’s the perfect place to find your ideal companion! We love French Bulldogs because their personality and mellow temperament makes them a perfect addition to any family. When they’re bred properly, they can be an ideal companion for anyone from toddlers to grandmothers. Frenchie’s are hilarious, loving, and attentive and perfectly adorable in every way.


We work extremely hard to uphold impeccable breeding standards to make sure Bohemian Bulldog puppies are as healthy as they are beautiful. Rare colors like lilac, blue, chocolate and merle are often associated with additional health problems, but this is due to lax standards and negligent breeding. Our adults and puppies are of the highest quality and undergo extensive health testing to ensure a lifetime of happiness.


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All of our babies (parents and puppies) are all hand raised and are our indoor family pets. We are now accepting $1000 - $2000 deposits to reserve the puppy of your choice until he/she is ready to leave. Please note the deposit is non refundable and cannot be transferred to another puppy. Once the deposit is placed that puppy is your baby and you will receive weekly photos and updates of your puppy’s progress! All of our puppies come with AKC Registration, One-Year Health Guarantee, Vaccinated & Dewormed UTD, Medical Records Booklet and a Puppy Goody Bag with Food, a blanket that smells like mom and a few of their favorite toys.


Everyone meet Cookie! He is an adorable lilac fawn male.

Asking $4500 


Everyone meet Merlot! She is a lovely blue & tan merle female.

Asking $10,000 

Baloo 2 big blue.jpg

Everyone meet Hugo Boss! He is a chunky blue & tan male. 

Asking $7500 

Amaya 3.jpg

Everyone meet Stormie! She is a fantastic lilac merle female.

Asking $10,000