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French Bulldog Frenchie puppies enjoying summer picnic basket puppy washington


What is the difference between a French & English Bulldog?

The most obvious difference is the rose-shaped ears on an English Bulldog and the elongated rabbit-like ears on the French Bulldog.  They have different temperaments and mannerisms that are quite apparent after spending time with one or the other.  Frenchie's are quick, clever and energetic while the English Bulldog is a more stoic creature that enjoys a game of tug-o-war and sleeping on furniture.  They have a lot in common as well, both being stubborn yet generously loving and mildly hilarious always.

What does my puppy come with?

All of our puppies come with AKC Registration, One-Year Health Guarantee, Vaccinated & Dewormed UTD, Medical Records Booklet and a Puppy Goody Bag with Food Samples and a few accessories. 

How do I reserve a puppy?

We are accepting $1500 - $2000 deposits to reserve the puppy of your choice until they are ready to leave.  In the meantime, you will receive weekly progress photos of your fur-baby.  I cannot accept personal checks at this time.  Deposit is non refundable.  Your chosen puppy cannot be switched for another puppy after a deposit is placed.

Can I bring my dog to see if they get along?

We ask that you leave your personal pets at home when meeting your new puppy because I cannot risk cross-contamination in my home.  It would also make mama dog very nervous if she sensed another dog in her area.  We have these rules in place to keep our dogs comfortable, protected and safe at all times.

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