Bohemian Bulldogs



We have the direct sons and daughters from world champion bloodlines in our stud lineup and foundation females starting with the celebrity famous GRINGO, the first lilac and tan merle English Bulldog in the USA, TWIX, the first chocolate and tan merle English Bulldog in the world, BOGEY, the smallest black and tan merle French Bulldog in the USA, and KING, the first chocolate and tan merle French Bulldog in the USA. Our extended generations include DR. SEUSS, the lilac French Bulldog who has his own craft beer line and THE GRINCH, the most popular lilac exotic French Bulldog in the USA. 

Meet our foundation females!

Bohemian Bulldogs' Daisy the English

Daisy is our true mini English Bulldog weighing in at only 40lbs. She is dripping in wrinkles and perfectly squishy rolls. Her dad is the world famous TWIX, the first chocolate and tan merle in the world! She has the sweetest temperament and will be anybody's best friend.

Bohemian Bulldogs' Princess the Frenchie

Princess is our lilac beauty with the sweetest personality. She is from Hungarian imported bloodlines and has the softest most luxurious coat with light colored eyes. She is quality, color and personality perfected with just he right amount of attitude!

Bohemian Bulldogs' Layla the English

Layla is a true mini English Bulldog and a direct daughter from the world famous Gringo. He was the first lilac and tan merle English Bulldog in the USA and a celebrity in his own right. True to her nature she has that ride or die bulldog attitude and is also the biggest cuddle monster lap hog you will ever meet.

Bohemian Bulldogs' Arya the Frenchie

Arya is our lilac beauty queen with a pedigree that would rival most world champions. She has a gentle temperament to match her sassy personality. She expresses herself through her large bright eyes and is a pure joy to have around the house. Her large head is dripping in rolls which she gets from her Dr. Seuss and XB bloodline!

Bohemian Bulldogs' Violet the Frenchie

Violet is our sweet blue and tan girl. She is one of our smallest girls, only weighing 20lbs. She is a quad carrier that also has intensity, dilute, cream and coco gene. She also does not carry the pied or brindle gene. This means she produces only rare and exotic puppies with vibrant coat colors. But she is more than a pretty face, she is also our smartest dog and generously passes her quick wits and gentle temperament onto all of her offspring. 

Bohemian Bulldogs' Lily the Frenchie

Lily is 2nd generation Bohemian Bulldogs being the daughter of our sweet Violet. She carries executive level DNA and makes rainbow litters of puppies! She is a big baby, a social butterfly and has large expressive eyes which shine when she wants something. She passes on her gentle eyes, her sweet temperament and goofy personality onto all of her puppies. 

Bohemian Bulldogs' X Lilac City Bulldogs Indigo the Frenchie

Indigo is our blue and tan frog dog! She is small and compact with a big head and broad shoulders. She is a quad carrier that also carrier cream, cocoa, intensity and the dilute gene. She does not carry the pied or brindle gene. She is super sweet and amazingly smart. She passes on her bubbley personality and love of all things water onto her puppies!