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Our goal at Bohemian Bulldogs is to produce pedigrees with optimum health, conformation and temperament. We have some of the best bulldogs in the world with the rarest and most exclusive colors.

We offer stud service here at our home or we can ship cooled semen overnight via FedEx directly to you or your vet. Stud service is a great investment and will add some quality to your kennels.

Marbles the Merle French Bulldog Stud

Quad Carrier Lilac Merle

Marbles carries two copies of the dilution variants, one copy of the cryptic merle gene, and is a carrier of intensity dilution and a carrier of the cocoa variant. We do our DNA analysis and health testing through the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Genetics Laboratory. He has been 5 panel health tested and cleared. He is a proven producer of 6-9 puppies in each litter with multiple merles!

Daisy the Chocolate Trindle English Bulldog Mama

Princess the Lilac French Bulldog Mama

Layla the Lilac English Bulldog Mama

Arya the Lilac French French Bulldog Mama

Violet the Blue & Tan French Bulldog Mama


These puppies have already found their forever homes and are not available for adoption.

Moana 3.jpg


Lilac Female French Bulldog is living her best life at a doggie salon near Olympia, WA.



Platinum Lilac Male French Bulldog is now practicing doggie yoga on the beaches of Edmonds, WA. Find him on INSTA



Peanut the Chocolate & Tan Female French Bulldog Puppy is living in Spokane, WA. She enjoys getting massages and riding in her red wagon! 

Karissa and Nala.jpg


Sonora the Lilac and Tan Female English Bulldog is enjoying daily tea parties with her new best friend in Vancouver, Wa.


Lilac Tan Tweed Merle Female, daughter to Arya & Marbles. She is with our kennel partners in Montana! You can follow updates on INSTA @daniflowers24



Stella is a Blue Female French Bulldog living in Seattle, WA. Find her on INSTA @stella_badandboujee

Lil' Blue.jpg


Layla's Female Blue English Bulldog went home with a local author to Monroe, WA to be trained as a Therapy Bulldog in a retirement center!


Violet's Puppies

Violet & Marbles Puppies: Blue Merle Male and Blue Tan Female!



This beautiful Lilac Tan Male is living with another one of our puppies at the Shabby Dog Salon in Woodland, WA.



She is a Chocolate Tan Tweed Merle, daughter of Mocha & Marbles. She is co-owned by our kennel partners over in Walla Walla, WA! Follow INSTA @W2Kennels