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Bohemian Bulldogs



We have the direct sons and daughters from world champion bloodlines in our stud lineup and foundation females starting with the celebrity famous GRINGO, the first lilac and tan merle English Bulldog in the USA, TWIX, the first chocolate and tan merle English Bulldog in the world, BOGEY, the smallest black and tan merle French Bulldog in the USA, and KING, the first chocolate and tan merle French Bulldog in the USA. Our extended generations include DR. SEUSS, the lilac French Bulldog who has his own craft beer line and THE GRINCH, the most popular lilac exotic French Bulldog in the USA. 

Meet our foundation females!

Luna the Lilac & Tan Merle French Bulldog

Luna is a beautiful French Bulldog female weighing in at only 20lbs. She is dripping in quality with her sky blue eyes and vibrant coat colors. Her tan points pop and add a nice contrast to her light creamy backdrop. She has the sweetest temperament and will be anybody's best friend.


Princess the Lilac French Bulldog

Princess is our lilac beauty with the sweetest personality. She is from Hungarian imported bloodlines and has the softest most luxurious coat with light colored eyes. She is quality, color and personality perfected with just he right amount of attitude!

Bohemian Bulldogs' Layla the English