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Bohemian Bulldogs


Moana 3.jpg

Arya was produced right here at Bohemian Bulldog's! Wasn't she just the cutest puppy?


Merlin is a lilac merle with bright blue eyes! He lives here locally in Tri-Cities, WA. If we're lucky his paw-rents will bring him over for a puppy play date!


Gatsby is a lilac covered in cream male french bulldog is now practicing doggie yoga on the beaches of Edmonds, WA. Find him on INSTA


Our most viral photo, I still see this pop up on the internet! This unique puppy is living with his paw-rents in Eugene, Oregon! 


Ghost is a beautiful lilac merle boy who is living lakefront with his dad in Spokane, WA!


Marshmallow is a black pied female who is living her best life with her mom and dad in Salem, Oregon!


Peanut is our one-of-a-kind chocolate and tan double TWIX daughter adopted by her wonderful family in Spokane, WA. Find her on TIK TOK @Princessbeatricebulldog


Zoey is a lilac tan tweed merle female. She is living with her mom in Missoula, Montana!


Cookie is a chocolate fawn boy who is a little ball of joy! He lives locally with his human siblings right here in Kennewick, WA.


She is a Chocolate Tan Tweed Merle, daughter of Mocha & Marbles. She is co-owned by our kennel partners over in Walla Walla, WA! Follow INSTA @W2Kennels


Louie is a beautiful lilac and tan male who is living with our kennel partners in Walla Walla, Washington! Find them on INSTA @W2Kennels


Dave is a handsome lilac brindle male living with his Bohemian Bulldog's sister in Idaho! His mom loves him so much she came back and got him a friend :)

chip in grass.jpg

Chocolate Chip is a black merle from our Mocha X Marbles litter. He was adopted by his dad and is living in Seattle, WA!

Pink Sweater edit 1.jpg

Earl Grey is a blue male who was adopted by a wonderful family in Seattle, WA! You can find him on INSTA @noor


Here we have Loki, a harlequin blue merle male, and Lily from Summer '2020! Lily lives right here with us at Bohemian Bulldogs, she only weighs 18lbs!

Mr Incredible 3.jpg

Ice Storm is a stunning lilac merle with bright blue eyes! His blue eyes never faded with age and they continue to shine as bright as the day he was born!


Panda is a blue pied English Bulldog female from my Layla and the famous SD Bullies Charger son! She was adopted by a local author / speaker and is being trained as a service dog.

Copy of Headshot.jpg

Boo Boo Bear is a chocolate merle DAISY baby who we just adored! He was adopted by his wonderful mother in Atlanta, Georgia!


Lelani is a blue & tan merle living with her wonderful mother and her Bohemian Bulldogs' brothers and sisters in Olympia, Washington!


Thor was adopted by his wonderful and creative parents in Eugene, Oregon! Find him on INSTA @gabematic_glass 

Blue Sweater Edit 1.jpg

North Star was born and raised right here at Bohemian Bulldogs! He has light colored eyes and the sweetest disposition.

These puppies have already found their forever homes and are not available for adoption! 

Ready to bring home your own fur-baby?

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