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Pawsitively Adorable: Famous Frenchie’s Who Rule the Internet

French Bulldogs have taken the internet by storm with their irresistibly cute faces and quirky personalities. These pint-sized pups have captured the hearts of millions, earning them a spot in the limelight as some of the most famous dogs in the world. From social media influencers to celebrity companions, these furry friends have gained a loyal following and continue to melt hearts wherever they go. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at some of the most famous French Bulldogs who have stolen our hearts and become internet sensations. Get ready to fall in love with these pawsitively adorable pups!

Griffen the Frenchie

Griffen the French Bulldog is best known for his popular TikTok account, which has earned over 4.8 million fans. He began appearing on Instagram in September 2015 and still maintains over 430,000 followers on his Instagram page. He is a pure-bred French Bulldog living his best life in South Kora and frequently posts ASMR and yoga videos to his social media pages. You can also follow him on YouTube where he has over 625k subscribers, they post regular videos that are sure to make you smile! You can find him @GriffenFrenchie

Walter Geoffery

Walter the Frenchie is most famous for his popular singing videos and even made it on the TODAY show for his unique and epically hilarious singing voice. You can watch his antics on TikTok where he has earned himself a whopping 2.1M followers or following him where it all started on YouTube where he has 207,000 subscribers. Wherever you choose to follow him you are sure to leave laughing and wondering where he got his iconic singing voice!

Winston the Frenchie

A beautiful cream-colored French Bulldog named Winston has taken dog shows by storm and claimed top honors at the 2022 National Dog Show. Winston is a perfect fit for the breed and is it no surprise that he has collected a number of titles over the years. His latest win marks his 78th best in show title making Winston the No. 1 ranked all-breed canine in the U.S.

Rory the Frenchie

While celebrity worship is nothing new we don’t often see it in our furry friends! Rory the French Bulldog got TikTok famous for being obsessed with Henry Cavill from The Witcher. I mean who isn’t? Unlike the rest of who are left drooling over the latest television hotness Rory was invited to The Witcher season 3 premier and went dressed at Geralt! She is best known for her Geralt costumes and room filled with The Witcher memorabilia. She has 485,000 followers on TikTok and has over 21M likes. She has been featured in Newsweek and in the Milwaukee Journal which is her hometown.

Manny the Frenchie

Manny the Frenchie was an American French Bulldog from Chicago, Illinois, that achieved Internet celebrity via the posting of his photographs on various social media websites. In 2013 he was the world's most followed and popular Bulldog on the Internet and currently has 1M followers on Instagram. This photogenic pup is also the author of his very own book, “Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness.” He was born in 2011 and unfortunately passed recently in June 2023 at 12 years old. You can view his Instagram @manny_the_frenchie

Oscar the Frenchie

Oscar is a New York fashionista has achieved internet fame with his red carpet looks and adorable French bulldog personality. He has since relocated to London and is loving life across the post with his Frenchie brother Charlie. You can find him on Instagram with 178,000 followers at @oscarthefrenchienyc but this fashion star has not been limited to social media and has been seen on House Hunters, the Ellen Show, the Today Show and the GMA awards.

Muu the Frenchie

The unbreakable bond between a young boy named Tasuku and his beloved Frenchie Muu have inspired millions to go home and hug their beloved animals. The adorable photos of the two napping, snuggling and watching TV together have gone viral and have been featured on Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post. These two are native to Tokyo and their Instagram is kept up by their loving mother @ayasakai.

Nurf the Frenchie

This French Bulldog has achieved internet fame by talking back to his owners in the most hilarious way. You can view his antics on his TikTok at @NurftheFrench where he has over 2.7M followers and has over 39M likes.

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