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8 Essential Training Tips for a Happy Puppy (& Owner)

  1. Keep training sessions brief: 10 – 15 minutes at a time, once or twice a day, at least three times a week. 

  2. Conduct training sessions in the same location with the same unfailing patience each time.  After your bulldog has mastered a command, you should vary the setting to see if he obeys in the other locations as readily as he does at home. 

  3. Reward your bulldog with praise and, if you wish, treats when he does well.  If he associates performance with good feelings, he will be more likely to preform willingly. 

  4. Do not use your bulldog's name to scold him if he makes a mistake during training.  In fact, do not scold your bulldog at all during training.  When he makes a mistake, show him what you want him to do, then praise him as if he had done it correctly. 

  5. Limit your bulldog to one teacher. 

  6. Do not let a training session end unless you are ready to end it.  If your bulldog attempts to retire before a training session is over, bring him back quietly and try again.  Do not call him by name when you are trying to coax him back to the training site.  

  7. If your bulldog is not catching on to a lesson as quickly as you would like, ask yourself what you are doing wrong.  Have you defined the behavior in a way the dog can understand? Are you going too quickly? Are you handling your bulldog too abruptly? Has an impatient tone infiltrated your voice? Are you rewarding your bulldog as soon as he does the right thing? Is it time to take a step back and go over a routine he already knows for a few days in order to build up his confidence before coming back to the behavior that is giving him trouble?  

  8. Never repeat a command. If you tell our dog to sit and he does not, put him in a sitting position, step back, and praise him. If you keep repeating "sit" until he does, you will be teaching that the first command, along with all the ones that follow, does not count.  

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