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Tear Stains, Wrinkles and Baths!


There is a price to pay for the bulldog's pretty face, and that price is tear stains. These dark discolorations that trouble many short-faced breeds can be very difficult to get rid of once they establish a face hold on your dog. To prevent this from happening, wash your bully's face with lukewarm water and a washcloth each day. If your bulldog develops tear stains, mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and white milk of magnesia with enough corn starch to make a paste. Apply this mixture to the stained areas twice a day. After the stains begin to recede (5-7 days to see results) apply the mixture once a day until your bully's face is showroom new again. Make sure that you do not get into your dog's eyes or you will have more problems that just tear stains!


A bulldogs face wrinkles need to be cleaned regularly. They are a landfill for excess food, tears, and other discharges. Once a week hold their head gently and clean any dirt or caked tears from the wrinkles with a wet q-tip. Bulldogs are proud creatures who dislike being their faces being tugged on and inspected, so make sure to bring a few snacks to make the whole ordeal an easier process. After you have gently cleaned out your bulldogs wrinkles, spread a thin application of Vaseline on them with a Q-tip to moisturize and protect the area.


If you are giving your bulldog a flea bath, wet her neck thoroughly as soon as you put her in the rub and then apply a ring of flea shampoo to their neck, lathering them well.


A bulldog's wardrobe ought to include at least one dressing gown, a raincoat and a pretty dress for parties. This isn't necessary to their overall health but it will make them more approachable and bulldog's love getting attention!

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