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Staying Tear-Stain Free!

There is a price to pay for the bulldog's pretty face, and that price is tear stains! These dark discolorations that trouble many short-faced breeds can be the very devil to exorcise once they establish a face hold on your dog. You can identify tear stains by a pink, reddish-brown or discoloration around the eyes which will be accompanied by itching, scratching, or sensitivity around the eyes. Excessive moisture or wetness around the eyes is common and in bad cases you may notice an unusual smell in the eye area along with inflammation of skin under the eyes. To prevent this from happening, wash your bully's face with lukewarm water and a washcloth each day.

If your bulldog does happen to develops tear stains, mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and white milk of magnesia with enough corn starch to make a paste. Apply this mixture to the stained areas twice a day. After the stains begin to recede (5-7 days to see results) apply the mixture once a day until your bully's face is show-quality once again.

Now you may be asking, what is the root cause of excess tears? We look to genetics as a large factor that causes this problem. The skull shape of the Bulldog, particularly their unique and adorable eye structure, makes them more susceptible to tear stains than other dog breeds. Washing your dog's face regularly should be prevent stains. If you are still battling those dark marks under your dog eyes after regular washing allergies could be the cause. Dust, smoke & pollen are all airborne allergies that may cause excessive tearing in your Bulldog. Another common allergen is food allergies. There may be additives used in dog foods that may cause allergic reactions in your Bulldog making the eyes extra-watery. If you are suspicious of food allergies you can get a food-allergy test done at your Veterinarians office. You can also preform an "at-home" food allergy test by removing some common food allergens from your dogs diet and see if the symptoms improve.

A bulldogs face wrinkles need to be cleaned regularly as well. They are a landfill for excess food, tears, and other discharges. Once a week hold their head gently and clean any dirt or caked tears from her wrinkles with a wet Q-tip. Bulldogs are proud creatures who dislike being their faces being tugged on and inspected, so make sure to bring a few snacks to make the whole ordeal an easier pill to swallow. After you have gently cleaned out your bulldogs wrinkles, spread a thin application of Vaseline to them with a Q-tip to moisturize and repair any damage caused.

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