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Winston the French Bulldog Stole the Show!

At the National Dog Show this year, Winston, a French bulldog with a cream color, surprised everybody by taking home the top prize. At the annual event, which was hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia and broadcast on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, the three-year-old dog came out on top of six other contenders for the title of best in show.

The canine became the first of his breed in the American Kennel Club's history to win the show's top prize.

He was raised as a puppy by Morgan Fox, a defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers, and is no stranger to winning top awards at competitions. “He runs like a little linebacker" was a joke made by one of the show's announcers about Winston, who is small but muscular.

At the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in June, he won reserve best in show, earning him 78 best in show titles, making Winston the No. 1 ranked all-breed canine in the U.S.

The best in show judge, Vicki Seiler-Cushman, said in a statement, "He is a show dog with personality and beauty and a perfect fit for the breed."

As per the American Pet hotel Club, French bulldogs are the second-most famous variety in the U.S., beat exclusively by Labrador retrievers. The third most popular breed is the golden retriever. John O'Hurley, the host of the show, said of Winston and his handler, Perry Payson, "They have cornered the market on energy, enthusiasm, and just pure spunk."

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